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Entire Senate being called to White House for North Korea briefing 
The entire U.S. Senate has been invited to the White House for a briefing Wednesday on the North Korea situation, amid escalating tensions over the country’s missile tests and bellicose rhetoric. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer confirmed the ...

A Murdoch problem in buyout deal that's not Bill O'Reilly 
Bill O’Reilly is not the only factor complicating an attempt by Rupert Murdoch and his sons to buy complete control of Sky, the European broadcast titan. British regulators could block the deal in part because of a series of little-known disputes with ...

State Department Posts on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Raises Ethics Concern 
A glowing description of President Donald Trump's Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago — calling it the "winter White House" — has been posted on State Department websites, drawing criticism from ethics watchdogs and Democrats. The item, published ahead of an ...

Congress Returns To Work As Deadline Looms To Avert Government Shutdown 
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - With a deadline looming this week to avert a U.S. government shutdown, Congress returns to work on Monday as President Donald Trump leans on Democrats to include funding for his promised border wall with Mexico in spending legislation.

Former Fox News Host Accuses Network Of Hacking And Online Harassment 
Former Fox News host Andrea Tantaros accused former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes and current high-level executives of using electronic surveillance and computer hacking to retaliate against her for making sexual harassment claims. In the new suit ...

The Spending Bill Was Supposed to Be Easy. Then Trump Intervened. 
WASHINGTON — To be clear, it isn’t that hard to keep the government’s lights on. Fights over short-term spending bills have long been used by Republicans and Democrats as proxies for broader policy fights. But with Republicans fully in control of ...

Macron Campaign Says It Fought Off Cyberespionage Attempts 
Paris (AP) -- The campaign of French presidential front-runner Emmanuel Macron says it has fought off a series of cyberespionage attempts dating back to December, adding meat to previous allegations that it was the subject of an electronic eavesdropping ...

Government Conflicts Of Interest: Gov. Cuomo Promotes Aide With Family Lobbyist Ties 
Melissa DeRosa started her new job Monday as Secretary to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Formerly his chief of staff, DeRosa has worked for his office for more than four years. She’s the first woman to hold the position as the governor’s top aide — but ...

Obama delivers first speech post-presidency, without ever saying 'Donald Trump' 
Former President Barack Obama says listening is key in today's political climate. 'Initial instinct is to tell people what they should be interested in,' said Obama, instead of listening what they are interested in. (April 24) AP CHICAGO — Three months ...

Gone in 30 seconds: Mob of up to 60 juveniles robs passengers on BART train, officials say 
Authorities said it happened in 30 seconds: A throng of up to 60 juveniles mobbed a Bay Area Rapid Transit train Saturday in Oakland and mugged passengers. At least two people were injured and required medical attention. The youngsters were spotted by ...

Salmonella Recalls 2017: Frito-Lay, Hunt’s And More Pull Product Over Past Year 
A salmonella scare involving popular jalapeno-flavored chips from Lay’s and Miss Vickie’s brands prompted a major recall on the behalf of snack maker Frito-Lay Inc., a subsidiary of PepsiCo. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published Frito-Lay ...

U.S. Treasury brings sanctions against Syria for sarin gas attack 
April 24 (UPI) --The financial intelligence and enforcement arm of the U.S. Treasury on Monday announced sanctions against the Syrian government for a chemical attack earlier this month that killed nearly 100 civilians and harmed hundreds more. The ...

An Arkansas Family Prepares to Witness the Execution of their Father’s Murderer 
The Boren family has waited a long time for their patriarch's murderer to be put to death by the state of Arkansas. Days before the scheduled execution, they prepared to witness the execution of Kenneth Williams. Genie Boren's husband Cecil was murdered in ...

Bay Area Rapid Transit: Dozens of Oakland teens reportedly storm train, rob riders 
Between 40 and 60 teens jumped on an Oakland subway train over the weekend, then robbed and beat passengers before disappearing into the night, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Monday. Witnesses reportedly told police that the teens jumped the fare ...

COMPRABIEN Mascotas, es la división de Distribuidora COMPRABIÉN Guatemala, encargada de llevar alimentos de calidad para las mascotas preferidas en Guatemala: perros, gatos, peces, canarios, pericas, cotorras y otras aves. COMPRABIEN Mascotas distribuye las marcas:

Concentrados GATI; alimentos para gato.

Concentrados DOGUI; alimento para perros.

HARP, comida para aves.

EL CANARIO, alimentos para aves

Distribuidora COMPRABIÉN Guatemala, lleva los productos a tu supermercado, tienda, abarrotería o PET SHOP en la Ciudad de Guatemala y los Departamentos de Guatemala, Escuintla, Suchitepequez y Retalhuleu, en la República de Guatemala. Pronto con cobertura nacional.



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